• The Weather Machine
    Young student scientists having fun with a Weather Balloon with Meteorologist Andy Parker and The Weather Machine.
  • All About Weather
    The Weather Machine Show will be a hair raising experience for your school!

Extra Credit Standings

Extra Credit is a great way to increase your school’s chance of winning the Weather Machine 2nd Chance Draw!  Schools who submit Extra Credit receive additional entries for the 2nd chance drawing.









Here are the three ways to earn Extra Credit: 

1) Submit Artwork
2) Email Photos
3) Create Website Links

Every school may earn 1 credit in each category for a total of 3 extra credits.

More detailed information on Extra Credit can be found below:

Email a photo to andy.parker@wkbw.com & Include the following:

-      School Name

-      Teacher Name

-      Grade

  1. A sign for Andy Parker’s Weather Machine or display (such as a poster or chalkboard)
  2. A Weather Machine Sign in a public place  (such as your school billboard, electronic sign or sign at a business/office)
  3. Students outside enjoying the weather

 Send via postal mail or drop off to WKBW Studios or via email to andy.parker@wkbw.com

  1. Create artwork for Andy Parker’s Weather Machine
  2. Try using the Weather Words in your Artwork & Activities. More creative the better!
  3. Send to:

Weather Machine Extra Credit
7 Broadcast Plaza
Buffalo, NY 14202

Email a link to
andy.parker@wkbw.com showing the following:

  1. A school website linking to Andy Parker’s Weather Machine Contest
  2. A school website that promotes the contest.    
  3. A school website that links to the contest

*If students are shown in a photo, legal releases must be obtained by the school to allow the student(s) pictured to be shown on TV.  Photo and artwork submissions do not need to be shown on TV to qualify for Extra Credit.

Share your vote with them on Facebook and Twitter:

2nd Chance Draw

** This Contest will be a Winner Take All... There will not be a 2nd Chance Draw this month. **
Back again this year we will continue the popular “2nd Chance Draw”.  While the school with the most votes at the end of the contest period will automatically win a visit from Andy Parker's Weather Machine the remaining schools in the TOP 10 will be entered in a drawing to win the 2nd Chance Draw...  Shown LIVE on Channel 7 at 6:15am. The winner of the 2nd Chance Draw will also receive a visit from Andy Parker's Weather Machine.  The higher your school finishes in the the TOP 10 the greater your chances of winning the 2nd Chance Draw. Schools can submit Extra Credit to increase their chances of winning the draw as well..
 See video of a 2nd Chance Draw.

About The Weather Machine

The Weather Machine presentation is a great STEM learning experience for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics geared for students in grades K-6. The contest promotes school spirit and can be a great learning tool for students to experience problem-solving, discovery, exploratory learning and actively engaging a situation in order to find its solution. Again this year I'll be demonstrating the “Green Energy” elements of The Weather Machine and how they are all around us. These demonstrations are meant to inspire the scientist and inventor in each student!

I would love to bring The Weather Machine to your school! So tell your family & friends to watch Channel 7 each morning and use The Weather Machine Word of the Day to vote for your school!

Andy Parker